Experience Natural Birth Without Tearing & Interventions

Aniball is a proven pelvic floor trainer. It greatly reduces the risk of tearing or episiotomy and helps with postpartum pelvic floor recovery.


Exercise 15-30 min a day to greatly reduce the risk of tearing or episiotomy.


Get confident and learn correct birthing positions and breathing.


Speed up your recovery and prevent incontinence after pregnancy.

Why Aniball?

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says 80% of women experience tearing during labour and first time mums are at risk of severe perineal tears. Aniball helps to prevent these injuries. You will learn how to control your body to encourage an easier natural birth for your child with minimal injury to your own body.

Aniball NZ

Childbirth is usually heavily affected by a woman’s psychology. Therefore, it is vital for each upcoming mum to be ready and calm. Aniball helps tremendously and teach women how to engage their pelvic muscles and breathe correctly. The pressure during labour is very specific and requires the right combination of muscle engagement and breathing to be effective and safe. This is where Aniball helps a lot. Women are ready, confident, and they know how to breathe and push. Jane NeudeckerGynaecologist

Aniball NZ

66% of Mums
using Aniball had no tearing at all

Trusted by More Than 100,000
mums around the world

Aniball is Recommended
by doctors and midwives

What is Aniball?

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