Experts Opinions and Aniball Reviews

These are some of genuine expert opinions and reviews from mums.

 Jane Neudecker
Jane Neudecker Gynaecologist
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Childbirth is usually heavily affected by a woman's psychology. Therefore, it is vital for each upcoming mum to be ready and calm. Aniball helps tremendously and teach women how to engage their pelvic muscles and breathe correctly. The pressure during labour is very specific and requires the right combination of muscle engagement and breathing to be effective and safe. This is where Aniball helps a lot. Women are ready, confident, and they know how to breathe and push.
Simona Lazzari
Simona LazzariMidwife
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Aniball is so practical. It helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and prepares the perineum for childbirth. It is also a fantastic psychological boost, helping mums to perceive and be aware of feelings during the labour. My feedback is based on my own experience with my clients.
Monica Ziman
Monica ZimanGynaecologist
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The exercise with the Aniball balloon and the massaging of the perineum should be part of the preparation for each woman’s natural birth. From my personal experience: as a primipara, I knew which position during childbirth would be most suitable for me, I knew the feeling of when the child’s head was crowning and how to push; and I gave birth naturally without the least injury. My son’s head circumference was 34.5 cm. Aniball is effective and safe.
 Sarka Janac
Sarka JanacMidwife
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Currently, almost 90% of my clients use Aniball. It helps them to prepare for the pressure they will experience during birth. They are able to breathe the baby out real quick. Most of my clients combine Aniball with perineum massage, and the results are outstanding, the vast majority have no injuries. It doesn't matter if they are first mums or not. All of them praise Aniball afterwards.
Barbora Voros​
Barbora Voros​Midwife
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Aniball is easy to use and more effective than a perineum massage. For me, the biggest child born after Aniball use was 4650 g and 54 cm, with the childbirth lasting 3 hours, without any tearing or needing an episiotomy. Most women who use Aniball gain self-confidence for the labor. They know how to push, decreasing their fear and stress whilst reducing the risk of perineal tearing or the need for an episiotomy. I recommend Aniball to everyone because of its very reasonable price and excellent results.
 Miroslav Verner
Miroslav VernerGynaecologist
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Aniball plays a very important and unique role. Based on my own experience, women using Aniball know how to approach birth, they know how to push and breathe during the second stage of labour, resulting in quicker and more effective childbirth.
Jane Curdova
Jane CurdovaMidwife
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I see Aniball as a useful aid to understanding your body. It helps a woman discover how her body works during childbirth and what kind of sensations she will feel in the final labor stages.
Marian Kollar
Marian KollarPresident of Slovak Medical Chamber
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I see Aniball as a useful aid to understanding your body. It helps a woman discover how her body works during childbirth and what kind of sensations she will feel in the final labor stages.
Radmila Dorazil
Radmila DorazilMidwife
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I'm a huge fan of Aniball. It is a safe way to prepare for a natural birth. My clients know how to push, the second stage of labour is shorter, and their birth experience is entirely different comparing to other mums. Aniball gives them a special kind of confidence that is really important.
John Macejka
John MacejkaGynaecologist
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Aniball is a fantastic tool that helps you with a positive birth experience.
Ales Jurcik
Ales JurcikGynaecologist
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From my own experience, I can confirm that women using Aniball are much better prepared for birth. They also experience tearing less often and avoid episiotomy.
 Radek Polacek
Radek PolacekGynaecologist
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We have great results with Aniball at our clinic. Injuries are rare; the second stage is quicker and much better tolerated by mums. This is also important when looking to the future - safer birth means less stress and fewer problems with incontinence.