Experts Opinions and Aniball Reviews

These are some of genuine expert opinions and reviews from mums who used Aniball to prepare for their childbirth.
AngelaMum, Hamilton, New Zealand
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This was to be my first birthing and I was terrified of tearing. I talked to a few midwives about my fear of tearing, and I had little hope to come out of the birthing experience intact down there. I decided to try Aniball because I was determined to do all that I could to lessen tearing at the least. When I started using Aniball, the benefit was immediate because it gave me an idea of the potential feeling of childbirth. I exercised about twice a week over a few weeks. When it came to birthing, I had a really long labour so was put onto an epidural, which meant that I couldn’t compare the feeling of Aniball to baby coming through. However, after baby was born (his head circumference was 34 cm), I had no tearing! I had two very experienced midwives with me and a student midwife - they were all surprised. I felt so pleased that my worst fear didn’t eventuate, even when I had mentally accepted it to happen. Aniball helped prepare me for childbirth and I feel very confident that it played a major role with helping me to prevent tears.
JeanMum, Wellington, New Zealand
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My first baby, I went into labour naturally but ended up needing an emergency cesarean. This time around, I was induced at 41 weeks and after laboring for 8 hours our wee girl arrived safe and sound. It was an incredibly positive experience for me - using the Aniball made me feel a lot more prepared and in control for the birth, and have a better understanding of how I needed to "push" to properly engage. I started on an epidural at 8cm and kept on it until the birth, so wasn't dealing with the pain of contractions or delivery. As a result, I was able to really focus on my breath and after thirty minutes of pushing baby arrived and I had only one little graze on my labia, no tearing! I think all the stars aligned for me for this, but definitely credit Aniball with helping me overcome some of the anxiety I had around delivery.
TamarMum, Snells Beach, New Zealand
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My first labour I ended up with an emergency C section. So for the 2nd baby I wanted to do all I could to prepare for a Vbac. Even though I ended up having another emergency C section. I was able to have much more control of my contractions. Just knowing how it all works thanks to the Aniball training, I was able to dilate much further than the first time. And I had confidence that my body was capable. If only my hips agreed. Even though I will never be able to have a baby naturally, the experience of using the Aniball has given me so much more confidence and understanding in how my pelvic floor works that I have no regrets using it at all. I highly recommend it to anyone preparing for labour or even someone just trying to strengthen their pelvic muscles. When I first started using it I could blow it up no problem. But pushing it out was the problem. Once I hit my due date week, It was easy to push out. It’s all about letting the body do it’s thing and you just encouraging and preparing it for a beautiful natural thing.
MartinaMum, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
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As a first time mum, I was naturally nervous thinking about my upcoming birth. My vagina was always quite tight and I was afraid of potential birth injuries and the infamous “ring of fire”. I talked to my friends in Europe and they recommended Aniball. When I heard about it from my fifth friend, I thought I really have to give it a go. The first insertion was a bit tricky, but using heaps of lubricant helped. The first inflation was a very strange feeling. I never experienced this kind of pressure and I am glad I had a test run before the “real event”. The exercise was a struggle at the start, but I progressively got better and more confident. There were moments when I wanted to give up and I am so glad I didn’t. When the big day came, my second stage was amazing, I knew how to deal with the pressure down there, I knew how to breathe and let the bab. My beautiful baby girl was born after only 20 minutes of pushing and I ended up with just a tiny cosmetic scratch. My midwife was impressed and said she will always remember my beautiful second stage. Aniball was definitely worth the investment and I will continue to exercise with Aniball to help my pelvic floor to get in shape after delivery.
RachelMum, Auckland, New Zealand
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Aniball was a game changer for my pregnancy. I have always wanted children, but I was very anxious about childbirth and the extreme pain people talk about. My sister had a third degree tear and her recovery took months. She decided not to have a second baby after that experience. I started to practise at 37 weeks and I spent a few days just moving the balloon inside to understand, how my pelvic floor works. Then I started to breathe and expel the balloon out. I made the biggest progress towards the end of my pregnancy, as “things” softened down there. My baby arrived 3 days after my due date. I knew how to push during the second stage and I used the same position on my fours as I did when practising with Aniball. It was a hard work, but I was confident and I knew what to do. My perineum remained intact and I healed within a couple weeks. I will definitely use Aniball again when we decide to have another baby.
CarolineMum, Canterbury, New Zealand
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Despite the recommendations of my family and friends, I decided to have a homebirth with just my husband and my midwife. I come from a European country where this approach is not much supported. I was firm about my decision (but of course prepared to go to the hospital if necessary). However, my family planted a little seed of doubt. I knew, I had to prepare physically and mentally, so I could be confident and trust myself and my body. That is where Aniball came into play. I exercised every day since my 37th week and I made it part of my daily routine. Affirmations, pregnancy yoga, inserting the balloon and moving it inside and then expelling the balloon and slowly increasing the circumference. My baby arrived one week early, that surprised me a bit (in my mind, I wanted to exercise for one more week) but the two weeks I managed were plenty. My homebirth was absolutely beautiful. It was intense, sure, but I knew I can do it. When I felt the pressure of the head dropping it was very familiar and similar to the balloon. I was moving the baby’s head consciously in sort of swinging motion, each time getting closer to the “exit”. I screamed loudly through the ring of fire, but it was a scream of confidence and power, not fear and pain. Long story short, my baby boy was born with a relatively large head (36 cm) and I didn’t have a single tear. My midwife who didn’t know Aniball at that time was impressed. I hope other mums can learn about this amazing tool and have a positive birth experience.
Lenka Samcova
Lenka SamcovaMum, Czech Republic
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After reading a few reviews, I decided to try the balloon Aniball. The first insertion and inflating were doubtful, but I didn’t panic. I practised for about 14 days. Then my baby’s head dropped, my cervix shortened and the balloon became uncomfortable to exercise with. On my delivery day, I spent 20 hours in labour, but only 2 hours in the second stage. When it came to pushing, I was an absolute pro (despite being a first time mum). I knew the technique of the balloon expelling and I wasn’t surprised by the pressure of the descending head. 15 minutes of pushing and my amazing son Vaclav was born (54 cm and 4010g). When the doctor checked me, the perineum was intact, no tear. For all the mums to be – don’t hesitate and try Aniball. It will definitely help you – the least to support you mentally. Mother’s psyche is the most important part of the process.
MarketaMum, Czech Republic
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Thanks to Aniball, I was less afraid of childbirth and I had positive birth experience. It was smooth and I knew what to expect. My labour lasted about 3 hours - no epidural, no episiotomy and no tear. As a first time mum, I was quite a rarity in the maternity ward – fast childbirth, no injuries and I was able to sit, walk and function normally. My midwife also praised the balloon. Thank you for this brilliant invention. It has a great purpose and I am sure it helped other women. My friend also practised with Aniball and had no tear. If I have another baby, I will use the balloon again.
DominicaMum, Czech Republic
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Thanks to Aniball, my childbirth was an experience I will be happy to remember. I will no longer have any worries or stress if I am pregnant again with a second baby. I practiced thoroughly - every second day since my 37th week. The effect during my childbirth was incredible. I pushed three times and the baby was born. It was so smooth that I was honestly surprised the baby was already out. My doctor praised me immensely for my pushing and my midwife also said she has a great experience with the balloon. I also need to emphasise the psychological effect of the balloon, because I had the feeling that I could somehow prepare for the childbirth. Something was under my control – and that calmed me down a lot.