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Aniball NZ

During labour, your pelvic muscles stretch by 300%.

The maximum expansion happens at the moment of the baby’s head passing – the muscles are triple-stretched from 3 to 10 cm.

It’s clear unprepared tissue may tear.

Aniball will help you learn how to work with your pelvic floor muscles to prevent these injuries and protect your body.

Aniball will help you to discover the pelvic floor and find out how to work with it effectively in the context of the breath.

With Aniball, you greatly increase the chance of a positive birth experience without tearing.

Your pelvic muscles (as well as any other muscles in your body) work best if they’re well prepared. Aniball is a proven medical device for home use that will help you to prepare for birth.

Carefully designed set of exercises helps you to gain conscious control over your pelvic muscles, practice correct birthing positions, breathing, pushing, and relaxation techniques.

You will learn how to consciously relax your pelvic muscles, so they are ready for the intense expansion during delivery.

It helps you to push and breathe safely so you can get through the labour naturally and with minimal medical intervention.

Your goal is to be a healthy, calm and ready mother who can control the pelvic floor to encourage an easier birth for your child with minimal injury to your body.

Aniball NZ
Aniball NZ

High Quality

With over 100,000 mums around the world, you can feel confident.

The balloon and pump are made of biocompatible, body-safe, medical-grade silicone. It contains no harmful chemicals. Aniball cannot burst if used according to the instructions.

It cannot cause a premature birth and it is not possible to overstretch your muscles.

It was tested in extreme conditions, including a test of 5 years old balloon and balloon stored 14 days at 140 °C. After reaching a volume multiple times larger than needed for exercising, the balloon safely disconnected from the adapter without any damage.

You have full control over the volume of the balloon during your exercise. You can deflate it any time using the valve.

Respect your body and only inflate the balloon to a comfortable size. It cannot cause pain or other unpleasant feelings.

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Aniball is made of superior quality parts:

1. Inflatable medical silicone balloon
2. Mechanical pump
3. Tube
4. Connecting adapter
5. Two-way valve

Each part is thoroughly tested for safety and functionality. The manufacturer is ISO 13485 certified.

Aniball NZ

Does it Work?

See results, statistics and clinical study.

How to Use Aniball?

Watch video and learn how to exercise.

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